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Board Coordinator


The Coordinator (C) role enables Infinite Development (InfDev) Board to have one united voice for each of the three (3) streams InfDev serves: 1) Guidance, 2) Career, and 3) Social. The C works with each stream lead & team to collect feedback about their past events and to align on future events in terms of a) activity scope b) date c) human resources/marketing channels d) costs

In addition, the C is responsible of;

  • Overall InfDev strategy & alignment among board members, as well as the members of our community.

  • Incorporating InfDev to become a foundation in registered charity status

  • Necessary updates for the website and social media sites (i.e., WhatsApp)

In specific, The C has two main cycles: Monthly and Yearly:

Monthly Cycle Work

The C meets with the InfDev board in monthly cycles. During the board meetings,

  • The C inquires updates from each stream lead & team about activities held with the community for the past month

  • The C also asks to stream leads & teams about the next activities in line; asks about who will organize/coordinate the event, and asks if there are any costs related, asks the date & timeline.

  • The C inquires when/where the next board meeting should take place

  • The C takes notes of the updates and, once the monthly meeting is over, shares the minutes with the rest of the board to action what is decided.

  • The C also sends two reminders to the board about upcoming board meeting 1) a week before the event 2) a day before the event

Recommended Personality Traits

  • Humble, Uniting, Inclusive Integrator

  • Visionary leader that leads by setting an example

  • Great listener who does not impose orders but asks questions to the board to understand their method of executing activities.

  • Due to the high performance demand of the role, it is preferred that the assumer of the C role has:

    •  already completed their higher education studies.

    • Spent at least one (1) calendar year with InfDev Board

Yearly Cycle Work

  • The C coordinates the yearly strategy meeting in which the annual academic plan & yearly budget is put together. This meeting can take multiple days, however, the outputs should include; 1) all the events/activities that will take place during the year 2) at which date the events/activities are planned 3) costs 4) responsible lead 5) who will fund the event/activity

  • The C coordinates the fundraising activity among board members - in order to be able fund InfDev activities throughout the year

  • The C also coordinates the board at the yearly strategy meeting if the streams need to be revised and asks if the leads & teams need to be shuffled/reorganized.

  • Annually, The C is also responsible to produce an Activity Report that is both in English & Turkish. The report should explain 1) the purpose of InfDev, 2) The board structure 3) Financial Position 4) what streams exist at InfDev and what activities took place last year. The report should include pictures from the events.

  • The activity report should include an annual financial report that should have at least two components: a balance sheet and an income statement.

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